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Last Update Date : 23rd Jan, 2020

TecoBuy UK provides up to 24 months in house warranty for major products, including the below products:
- Cameras & Lenses
- Mobiles & Tablets
- Smartwatches, Smartwear & Smartgear
- Watches (Digital, Automatic movement type)
- Speakers & Headphones
- Computers (Desktop & Laptop)
- Game Consoles & Remote Control Toys
- Health and Personal Care products (shavers, facial massagers)
- Baby Monitors

The warranty service is provided by the TecoBuy UK Technician Team instead of the manufacturer. All orders are automatically registered for the warranty, with the valid warranty claim date shown on the invoice.

How to submit a warranty claim?
We provide a simple and smooth procedure for applying to our warranty service.
Visit the page for “RMA (Return Material Arrangement)”. Follow the steps and fill-in the related information to open an RMA case.

Warranty Details

What do we cover:

Warranty (Month) 

What’s Covered 


Parts and labour costs for the repair of a manufacturer’s defect or a fault in production, which leads to a product malfunctioning.


Parts and labour costs for the repair of a fault in the material of the product, which leads to the product malfunctioning.


Parts and labour costs for the repair of a fault in the material of Rechargeable Batteries.

Exclusive items & categories warranty:

Warranty (Month) 

Items include 


Waterproof cases, camera lens filters, and flash remotes & Handheld Gimbal


RC toy battery (consumable)


Accessories of Cameras, Mobiles, Tablets & Computers


Camera accessories, mobile and tablet accessories, computer accessories, games, gaming controller, audio cable, and card reader


Consumable Goods (such as Batteries, Instax Camera films) and Electronic Scooter


Non electronic items or items which do not consume electricity (e.g. Bags, Lens Hoods, and audio accessories)


Network Carrier Issues (e.g. SIM Cards, availability, coverage, service, range) of mobiles, tablets & smartwatches


Any issues caused by the firmware or software, modification to operating system, rooted or jailbroken phones or tablets


Gadget Accessories


Accessories in the Box

Special arrangement for non-repairable products

Items which are within the warranty period but are not repairable, TecoBuy UK will provide you with a special arrangement, which is one of the below:

  • Issue compensation (TecoBuy UK’s Store Credit) of a certain percentage of the item’s price, based on when the product was bought and how long it has been used, if less than  1 month, we  will treat it as 1 month.
    (Fixed at 8% of item’s price per month)

Assuming your item’s purchase price was $1000, was used for 2 months and is seen as a  non-repairable warranty case. The compensation offered to you would be $840 in store credit.

  • Replace the item with another which could be refurbished to a brand new quality. The item for this replacement maybe the same model or an item with similar specifications, value, and brand.  The remaining warranty period will transfer to the replaced item.

*TecoBuy UK reserves the right to determine which option to provide to you.

TecoBuy UK shall not be liable for:

- Postage fees of returning repair items to us, we only bear the fees for item sending items back to you plus the parts and labour costs under these warranty terms and conditions

- Any data and information loss and corrupted files during the repair process. To avoid any loss, we highly recommend you have backed-up all the data by yourself

- Any changes in settings, system (firmware/software update) during the repair process

- Any delays due to non-controllable factors (parts of element shortage, bad weather, and shipping carrier delays etc.)

Special Note for different items:

- 3rd Party lenses (Sigma, Tamron, Tokina etc.)

TecoBuy UK will cover parts and labour costs for the repair of manufacturer’s defect(s) or production fault(s), which resulted in the product malfunctioning.

Any problem(s) related to front or back focus is/are not covered in the warranty. The use of a third party lens is at the user's own discretion. We cannot guarantee the quality and accuracy of the focus of third party lenses.

-  Waterproof Cameras/ Casings / Bags

Damage due to impact, exceeding recommended depths, etc. would void the warranty. Please be advised that the warranty offered is strictly for the purchased item only.

-  Waterproof Cases

TecoBuy UK provides 6 months warranty for this type of product. Damage caused by improper use, impact, exceeding recommended depths would void the Warranty.

We will also send the faulty Waterproof case to the manufacturer for waterproof / pressure testing to the specifications of the product as outlined by the manufacturer.
The buyer will be responsible for the repair fee if the test is passed and any transportation costs if required.

- Waterproof Mobile Phones

The warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, and exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt, neglect, or unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress.

- Remote Control Toys

The warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from the below:

a. Crash or burning caused by non-manufacturing factors.

b. Damage caused by operating the unit in electromagnetic interference environment (i.e. mining areas, radio transmitting towers, high-voltage wires, substations etc.)

c. Damage caused by operating the unit in a known environment with interference with the wireless devices (i.e. transmitters, video-links, Wi-Fi signals etc.)

d. Damage caused by operating the unit with a weight greater than safe take-off weight, a low charged or defective battery.

- Apple iPads (sim card version) or iPhones

TecoBuy will cover parts and labour costs for the repair of Apple iPads (sim card version) or iPhones, instead of an official repairing center. As a result, you may see the message of "The repairs won't have the ability to obtain the health information." shown up in "Setting" > "General" after repairing. Please do not worry, these notifications donʼt affect the device's functionality.

*** TecoBuy UK will not be held liable for any defects or damage on any other item(s) used in conjunction.

What is not covered?

- On Usage Part(s)

a. Normal wear and tear, transport and shipping, rough and excessive handling, actions other than those outlined by the manufacturers, misuse of the product and any acts beyond reasonable control of TecoBuy.

b. Warranty will not apply when the product has been used in conjunction with unauthorised parts, or if the product has been improperly used, stored or  handled.

c. Exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures and environmental conditions beyond the recommended limit from the manufacturer.

d. Use of non-standard SIM cards or cards provided by telecommunication companies in order for you to use functions of your mobile phones. This includes but is not limited to, incorrect sized SIMs, external SIM modules or modified SIMs.

e. Loss of quality, degradation of performance or actual damage that results from the use of spare parts or other replaceable items (such as consumables) that are neither made nor recommended by the manufacturer.

f. Use of which is not designed.

g. Damaged Display on Screen (LCD) due to improper usage.

- On Hardware Part(s)

a. Exposure to moisture in any manner, resulting in but not limited to, corrosion, oxidation, short circuits.

b. No warranty is provided if the serial number and/or IMEI numbers have been altered in any way.

c. The product serial number has been removed or made illegible.

d. Connection of other fittings, accessories or equipment to the product which were not approved by us

e. Non-Manufacturer’s defect on camera lens (e.g. Back/Front focus issue on 3rd Party lens)

- On Software Part(s)

a. Third party software, settings, links, content, data that may be applied after the release of the product from the manufacturer. This includes malicious software such as viruses.

b. Any accidental or malicious damage.

c. Modification to the product and/or software, by someone other than our representatives

d. The connection of other software to the product which were not approved by us.

e. Correction of errors for any non-TecoBuy or Manufacturer’s proprietary software.

f. Loss or damage of data.

g. Attaching the product to a network not approved by us, or if you have made changes to your operating or network system.

h. Not installing any error correction that is issued for the software.

- Other(s)

a. The product has been modified, repaired or opened by a party other than a TecoBuy UK authorized service center or a TecoBuy representative.

b. Batteries, especially third party or tampered batteries. This also applies when the battery has been used in other products other than those specified by the manufacturer.

c. Failure to follow our written instructions for the product or those of the manufacturer’s.

d. External causes out of our control which may include accidents, fire disasters or burglaries.

e. Repair or cleaning by unauthorized personnel.

f. Damage due to improper packing during shipment to service centres or service agents.

g. Liquid damage.

h. Any malfunctions or specific requirements to any other item of hardware and/or software, which you added to the product that was not included in the contract.

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