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Frequently Asked Question relating to COVID-19, Orders and Shipments.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is officially a global pandemic. Despite positive signs at the global level, supply chain issues and product shortages swirl around us as online retailers and fears surrounding COVID-19 have played havoc with our markets. 

With that being said we would like to set proper expectations when placing an order with us through the following frequently asked questions:

1. Are you still accepting orders and what precautionary measures you do?

We all know that there has been an ongoing lockdown on different countries all over the world, however, we are delighted to inform you that we are still operating the business as usual. As such you can still be able to place an order with us through our Tecobuy UK websites. Our reliable employees are still working very hard for us to be able to cater all your orders and we are doing our best to deliver them as soon as possible. In line with that, we are following all official guidelines from the Government, the World Health Organization and Public Health Organization to avoid the spread of COVID-19 such as:

ü  Checking temperatures of all employees once they arrived in our office.

ü  Providing hand sanitizer and ensuring frequent and proper handwashing

ü  Cleaning high contact points more frequently.

ü  Limited use of all confined/shared spaces; i.e break rooms, canteens, smoking areas, etc.



2. Is there be any delay on orders and can you still accept Priority Express deliveries?

Here at Tecobuy UK, we are doing our best to dispatch the order as soon as possible and we are currently checking other resources to expedite deliveries. However, some couriers and many airlines announced that they will reduce flights globally. As a result, all the shipments may take longer than the usual even for priority express deliveries option.

3. Can you deliver parcel without having contact with the delivery guy?

As most people are now aware of this pandemic, our couriers understand that having less contact with people may also help them to accomplish their job. As such, once the parcel has been dispatched from our warehouse, we will send you the tracking information to trace your parcel. Once the courier received the parcel, we strongly suggest contacting them directly for the delivery instructions and informed them to deliver the parcel in a safe place.

4. Is it safe to receive the parcels?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low. The temperature of the air surrounding the packages and projects during shipping is not considered conducive to viral viability. Even if you have a package shipped overnight or domestically experts believe you have nothing to worry about.

5. I’m currently under Isolation Period, can I still place an order with you?

As most countries are now requiring Isolation Period after their travel, we would like to inform you that we can still be able to accept your orders. However, for the safety of our reliable couriers, when placing the order, we suggest to provide an alternative shipping address where they can receive the parcel for you. On the other hand, you may also contact the courier to deliver the parcel on the safe place or you may request to pick up the parcel after your isolation period. We would like to set proper expectations that the policy on the delivery instructions may vary as we use various couriers. 

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